ISSN 2220-5187; We distribute and report the potential information of biological or life sciences – medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, veterinary, food, livestock, agriculture and public health. We publish the most current news, innovations, interviews and events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops, seminars). The professional bodies, business entrepreneurs, academic institutions and research organizations may contact us to market their events and business. We will help you to promote and advertise your products and services.


“Pharmaceutical Review” is an online and open access professional magazine, published bimonthly. It is constituted by Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan (, Markez-e-Islami, Plot # 1, Bridge 47, Canal View, Sargodha, Pakistan

We aim to provide a forum for Pharmacist in country to support professional issues, exchange information and promote better health management. We have a wide scope to publish reports, activities and manuscripts of pharmaceutical sciences.


6 thoughts on “Vision

  1. I am very interested in nutrition and remedies obtained from fruit and vegetables for a variety of illnessess and basic health improvement.

    I appreciate your institutions interest in informing readers on your findings regarding Lemon vs. Cancer.

  2. Pharmacist Practise in UAE
    Waqar Ahmed*
    Alnoor Hospital,P.O.Box 46713,Abudhabi,UAE
    Pharmacist Practise in UAE
    UAE concists of 7 states…
    (1)Abudhabi and AL ain..To Practice as Pharmacist in this state,One must have HAAD(health authority Abudhabi) licence( To Practice as Pharmacist in this state you must have Dubai health authority licence or MOH(ministry of health) licence is also valid ( emirates(Sharja,Ajman,Ras-ul-khaima,Um-ul-Queen,Fujeera),is under the supervision of MOH (
    Graduation in Pharmacy
    2year experince as Hospital/community/clinical pharmacist.
    Medical Representative,Pharmaceutical industry or drug store experience is not acceptable.
    To get regestration to work as intern, to complete 2 year experince ,inorder to become eligble for licensing exam ,one must have any blood reletive in UAE
    Secondry/Pharmacy degree attested by concernd board/HEC, Foreign office,UAE embassy in pakistan.2year experince certifacate after getting home country licence.
    Submitt application softcopy online at above mentioned website of concerned state as well as hardcopy by hand.
    PATTEREN FOR HAAD EXAM(1)Comprehensive Pharmacy written MCQs Exam(2)Oral viva voce (one should have commond in Arabic regarding Medical profession)
    PATTERN FOR MOH EXAM:Concists of 3 steps
    (1)Arabic MCQs Written exam(Passing canidates eligble for next step)(2)Comprehensive Pharmacy written exam (Passing canidates eligble for next step)(3)Oral viva voce
    Comprehensive Pharmacy written exam

    For pattern you can consult this website
    HAAD,MOH,DOHMS,Graduation in Pharmacy,2 year experince,Licencing exam pattern,Pharmacist intern
    Corresponding Addres
    DR.WAQAR AHMED.Pharm-D.,BSc.,RPh.HPI(HAAD).,Alnoor Hospital
    P.O.Box 46713,Abudhabi,UAE,Mob# +971 50 9025536

  3. dr their will b notes or study meteial for visitor .i ve arbic notes if u want to include then tell me i will send u

  4. it is good for hopeless pharmacist of pakistan that a fourm is provided to them

  5. i have to renew my registration (A) but all sites are are not working Due to virus
    PLZ repair your sites

  6. hi waqar sahib. i am from pakistan, i have completed my Pharm D with 3 yrs of working experience, but i don’t have MOH,DHA,HAAD licence so without these licence can i get job in UAE? please tell me how do i apply.
    thanks & Warm regards

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