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  1. Basic & Clinical Pharmacology. By Bertram G. Katzung; 9th Edition
  2. Clinical Pharmacology
  3. Instant Clinical Pharmacology
  4. Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews; Pharmacology 5th Ed.,  M. Clark, et. al., (Lippincott, 2012, )
  5. Introductory Clinical Pharmacology 7th ed
  6. Pediatric_Clinical_Pharmacology
  7. Adrenergic Agonists
  8. Adrenergic_Receptor
  9. AntivirPandemInfl
  10. Human_Drug_Metabolism
  11. Katzung-Basic_&_Clinical_Pharmacology(9th_Edition)
  12. Medical_Pharmacology_at_A_Glance-xmhefny
  13. PharmacoEpidemiology
  14. Pharmacokinetics
  15. Pharmacology_Dental_1
  16. Pharmacology_MCQ
  17. Analgesic, Anitpyretic, Anit-inflamatory and ANSAID’s 
  18. Practical Manual of Pharmacology & Therapeutics; by Dr. Taha Nazir