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Pharmacist Federation

  1. Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sargodha is least interested to establish five academic teaching departments designed and recommended by HEC and Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.
  2. Faculty of Pharmacy, Bahauddin Zikrya University, Multan is refusing to adapt the academic structure proposed by HEC and Pharmacy Council of Pakistan to establish the five teaching departments.
  3. epartment of Pharmacy, Islamia University of Bahawalpur is deceiving the pharmacy professionals and tricking to the HEC and Pharmacy Council of Pakistan by not establishing five pharmacy teaching departments.
  4. Pharmaceutical “Fact Sheet” 2014-15; issued by Pakistan Pharmacist Federation and Pharmacist Alliance, Pakistan Pharmacist Association
  5. niversity College of Pharmacy, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan – An excellent model of misuse of power; rejection of HEC recommendations and disrespecting the proposal of Pharmacy Council of Pakistan to establish the five pharmacy teaching (academic) departments
  6. The Dilemma of Pharmacy Profession in Pakistan; a “White Paper” Regarding PPA Election 2014
  7. Uselessness of illegal and unprincipled 18th pharmacy conference 2013; orgenized by Professional Group of PPA
  8. Unwanted outcomes of unprincipled 18th International Pharmacy Conference and Exhibition; 2013
  9. Dishonesty, corruption and illegal usage of official power during Pharmacy Election (PPA) 2014 in Pakistan
  10. The criminal role of Pakistan pharmacy council to damage the pharmacy profession in Pakistan
  11. Poor clinical and pharmaceutical care in current health care system of Pakistan 
  12. The Drug Sale License should be awarded to pharmacist 
  13. Election not conference
  14. Pharmacy Council of Pakistan 
  15. The unprincipled intervention of PMDC to drive the pharmacy profession in Pakistan. 
  16. Press release of Pharmacist Federation dated August, 2014
  17. Press release Election corruption 2014
  18. Press release of Pharmacist Federation dated October, 20014

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