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Oath Taking Ceremony of new cabinet of Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA) Punjab, Pakistan.

Pharmaceutical Review (Staff reporter). The Oath Taking Ceremony of Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA) Punjab branch held in Mughal Azam Fort, Barkat Market, Lahore, Pakistan on October 7, 2017. There was only one group “United Pharmacist” has participated in the Election 2017. The members of this group have successfully cast their right of votes in the favor of their one and only panel of contestants. So the regimen has now been changed in such a non-democratic course of action.

If we analyze the situation in depth, the “Professional Group” of PPA has ruled organization for thirty years. But, unluckily they have achieved personal advantages and badly failed to deliver for profession in Pakistan. There was no any other option, but to kick them away forcefully by this awful, nondemocratic and terrible scheme. Some analysts also correlate the ending the regime of Professional Group with the Supreme Court sentence of disqualification of Ex-Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nowaz Sharif.

Now pharmacist community of Punjab province wishes to move forward with this new command. These new stakeholders should understand the challenges of pharmacy profession. They have to work hard to deliver for community in Pakistan.