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Government of the Punjab constituted a committee  (under Notification No. SO(DC)7-3/2005 dated 13.2.2017) to address the differences in Punjab Drug Amendments Bill 2017. The drug mafia was initially grant 3 years, then 10 years (printed in the Punjab weekly gazette page No. 951, dated 10.2.2010) therefore the “Schedule-G” should be enforced immediately now.

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Staff Reporter (Pharmaceutical Review). Primary and Secondary Health Department, Government of the Punjab, Pakistan has constituted a committee to address current drug crises in Punjab, Pakistan. On the advice of Sectary Health (Pb.), the Section Officer (Drug Controller-II) has issued the notification No. SO(DC)7-3/2005 dated February 13, 2017. The committee is comprised of the government official and representatives of chemist retailer associations. On behalf of the recommendation this committee, Punjab Government will decide further course of actions.

Unluckily, the stubborn drug mafia is working hard to defeat the Law, ethics and health standards. They are ambitious to get relief from current government to carry on their pathetic drug business. Hence, they have placed the point of “Schedule-G” (drug list for medical stores and pharmacies) at the top of designed agenda.

The GPA (Grand Pharmacist Alliance) Group of PPA (Pakistan Pharmacist Association) will resist if any element tried to damage the benefits of state and society. Dr. Taha Nazir President GPA Group has stated his official press release that the chemists/ druggists want to sell the life saving drugs like crockery and cloths. They are continuously and brutally killing the innocent sick patients. They were initially grant three years in 2007 to assure the pharmaceutical care and adopt proper drugs standard. That was extended until 2017 by then Governor Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer and printed in the Punjab weekly gazette dated February 10, 2010, page No. 951. But, unluckily, this nonqualified and nontechnical mafia wants to suspend the schedule –G for one more decade.

Moreover, Dr. Taha Nazir said, Pakistan was built as an Islamic Welfare State in 1947. Therefore, we shall not allow any gangster or mafia to corrupt the system and play with live of innocent patients. The poor pharmaceutical care, substandard medication and trading the spurious drugs are not belong to us anymore. These culprits should be handled ironically and the “Schedule-G” should be enforced immediately.

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