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Shamoon Chaudhary – an energetic, dynamic and versatile personality of pharmacist community. He is pleading the local pharmacy graduates with foreign PhD/ MPhil degrees and notified the accreditation of M.Phil degree issued by local and international universities.

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Shamoon Chaudhary – Secretary Punjab Pharmacy Council (Pb.) has issued the notification No. PPC/1283/17 dated 31.12017 regarding the official accreditation of M.Phil degree of local and international universities. Mr. Shamoon Chaudhary is a versatile, dynamic and ambitious personality. He is determining to address miscellaneous academic and administration problems of pharmacy profession. But, unluckily, he doesn’t have sufficient support from professional body and government officials.

Moreover, currently, he is

working to figure out the best possible solution for local pharmacy graduates with foreign PhD/ MPhil degrees. He wants to induct them into their relevant academic and research positions. He is excellently pleading this case. But, the local institutional heads and clumsy government officials added so many illogical allegations regarding their disciplines, titles of PhD degrees, academic composition the degree awarding institution etc.


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