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Punjab Government is committed to introduce the standard pharmaceutical care regarding the Punjab Drug (Amendment) Bill 2017; the irrational and illegitimate concerns are not addressed to benefit the ill patients, the Drug Mafia poses a massive repercussions.

Bismah Nayyer (ProPakistani). After shutting down stores across Punjab and surviving a suicide bomb attack on a protest held in front of Punjab Assembly Lahore earlier this month, Pakistan Chemist and Druggist Association (PCDA) finally decided to call off their strike upon surety from Law Minister Mr. Rana Sana Ullah Khan that the recent Punjab Drug Act 2017 will be revised with the consent of all stake holders.

Many handwritten notifications are floating on social media, claiming that negotiations were fruitful with the Punjab government. However, not a single signature of any government official was to found on these documents, putting a big question mark on their authenticity.

The Punjab Drugs (Amendment) Bill 2017 was introduced by Mr. Rana Sana Ullah Khan, Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs, last month in Punjab Assembly and was condemned by stakeholders. The bill is an amendment of the Drug Act 1976 which was introduced for the control and eradication of spurious, adulterated and substandard drugs.

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Punjab Assembly adopts Local Government (Amendment) Bill, 2017

Associated Press of Pakistan reported that the The Punjab Assembly on Wednesday passed the Punjab Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2017. The House also adopted three other bills including the Land Records Authority Bill 2016 and the University of Home Economics Lahore Bill 2016 and the Punjab Drugs (Amendment) Bill 2017.

Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan moved the bills. Lawmakers, both from treasury and the opposition benches, took part in the discussion before adoption of the bills.

The House considered the Punjab Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2017 after suspending the Rule 95.

Speaking in favour of the Local Government (Amendment) Bill, 2017, Law Minister Rana Sanullah said that the bill was being tabled with necessary amendments, to make it more effective. He urged the opposition members not to oppose the bills in greater interest of the people of the province.

Earlier, the 13th sitting of the 26th session of the current assembly started with Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal in the chair.

During Question-Hour session, Provincial Minister for Agriculture Muhammad Naeem Akhtar Bhabha and Parliamentary Secretary Haji Muhammad Ilyas Ansari answered questions by lawmakers. They responded to as many as eight questions while rest were disposed of owing to absence of movers.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lawmaker Muhammad Asif pointed out quorum; however, the treasury succeeded in fetching the required strength and the House was found complete.

The House deferred two adjournment motions, tabled by lawmakers Dr Muhammad Afzal and Shonaila Rout.

The House granted two-month extension to standing committee on “Colonies” for presentation of its report.

On completion of day’s agenda, Deputy Speaker Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani, who was presiding over the sitting, adjourned the House till next morning (Thursday) at 10am.

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Government of the Punjab constituted a committee  (under Notification No. SO(DC)7-3/2005 dated 13.2.2017) to address the differences in Punjab Drug Amendments Bill 2017. The drug mafia was initially grant 3 years, then 10 years (printed in the Punjab weekly gazette page No. 951, dated 10.2.2010) therefore the “Schedule-G” should be enforced immediately now.

Staff Reporter (Pharmaceutical Review). Primary and Secondary Health Department, Government of the Punjab, Pakistan has constituted a committee to address current drug crises in Punjab, Pakistan. On the advice of Sectary Health (Pb.), the Section Officer (Drug Controller-II) has issued the notification No. SO(DC)7-3/2005 dated February 13, 2017. The committee is comprised of the government official and representatives of chemist retailer associations. On behalf of the recommendation this committee, Punjab Government will decide further course of actions.

Unluckily, the stubborn drug mafia is working hard to defeat the Law, ethics and health standards. They are ambitious to get relief from current government to carry on their pathetic drug business. Hence, they have placed the point of “Schedule-G” (drug list for medical stores and pharmacies) at the top of designed agenda.

The GPA (Grand Pharmacist Alliance) Group of PPA (Pakistan Pharmacist Association) will resist if any element tried to damage the benefits of state and society. Dr. Taha Nazir President GPA Group has stated his official press release that the chemists/ druggists want to sell the life saving drugs like crockery and cloths. They are continuously and brutally killing the innocent sick patients. They were initially grant three years in 2007 to assure the pharmaceutical care and adopt proper drugs standard. That was extended until 2017 by then Governor Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer and printed in the Punjab weekly gazette dated February 10, 2010, page No. 951. But, unluckily, this nonqualified and nontechnical mafia wants to suspend the schedule –G for one more decade.

Moreover, Dr. Taha Nazir said, Pakistan was built as an Islamic Welfare State in 1947. Therefore, we shall not allow any gangster or mafia to corrupt the system and play with live of innocent patients. The poor pharmaceutical care, substandard medication and trading the spurious drugs are not belong to us anymore. These culprits should be handled ironically and the “Schedule-G” should be enforced immediately.

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GPA Group of PPA supports the Punjab Drug Amendments Bill 2017, DRAP 2012, Amendments in Drug Rule 2007 and Drug Act 1976; they also insisted the Punjab Govt to enforce the “Schedule-G” as promised in the weekly gazette dated February 10, 2010.

Staff Reporter (Pharmaceutical Review). Grand Pharmacist Alliance (GPA) Group of Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA) supports the Punjab Drug Amendments Bill 2017. This Bill No. PAP/Legs-2(153)/2017/1535 was introduced in Punjab Assembly on January 23, 2017. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan has moved Bill No. 2 of 2017 by in Punjab Assembly and approved in proceeding dated February 8, 2017. The session was chaired by Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal. It was eventually signed and approve by the Governor Punjab Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana on February 15, 2017 (Wednesday).

But, unluckily, the drug mafia is now actively working to suspend Schedule-G for more decades in Punjab Province of Pakistan. They have successfully delayed the enforcement of Drug Rule 2007 for ten years. Because, the Punjab government has already granted the relief of 10 years to these nonqualified, nontechnical and nonprofessional druggist to make necessary arrangement. This gang promised to then government for offering the pharmaceutical care in community and clinical pharmacies. Then secretary to the Governor of the Punjab has issued notification by the order of then governor of the Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer, printed in the Punjab weekly gazette dated February 10, 2010, page No. 951 (copy attached). In exercise of power conferred upon him under Section 44 of the Drug Act. 1976 (XXXI of 1976) which empower government to make rules under Act subjected to previous publication. The governor of the Punjab has made amendments in the Punjab Drug Rules, 2007 after previous publication of these amendments. In rule 1, sub rule (3) for the word “three” is substituted by the word “ten”. Thus the drug rule enforced in 2007 and supposed to be fully implemented in 2017.

But, unluckily, the same history is going to repeat one more time. The non-qualified, nontechnical and nonprofessional chemists and druggist are now working hard to delay the enforcement of drug rule 2007 for one more decade. This gang is actively working again to delay the Schedule-G. That is official signed and accepted by government authority. That is most sad part of this treaty.
Grand Pharmacist Alliance of PPA rejects this part of the agreement. Prof. Dr. Taha Nazir president of GAP Group of PPA has demanded in his press release to enforcement of “Schedule-G” in already promised time frame. That will assure the delivery of standard pharmaceutical care in community and retail pharmacies in Punjab province of Pakistan.