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An outstanding official statement of Hasan Nayyer, on behalf of Pakistan Academy of Pharmacist, regarding Drug Ordinance 2015

Dear PAP Members. Since the announcement of Drug Ordinance 2015, Many Pharmacist fellows were asking PAP’s stance on current scenario. PAP believes that this ordinance is a blessing in disguise for Pharmacists. The strict rules, penalties and regulations for Pharmaceutical companies provide an open channel for Pharmacists worth and I am still unable to understand the unity of PPA, industry owners and chemist, Druggists and Distributors associations on this issue. Where was this unity in past all those years when pharmacists were being treated as animals in Industries and retail Setups? No Job Security to Industry pharmacists, Low salary scale, No Job descriptions, No Growth..and our so called representative association was sleeping in all those years just to wait for heavy time to come on retailers and Industry owners? Where were our representatives when pharmacists used to lose their lives in industries..? when used to lose their jobs..? when used to struck in single position life long..? when having no proper salary structure..? Now all come up on streets just to save their own benefits with industry owners and retailers? Many more to say but all I think is my statement must serve as a mirror to show real scenario. This ordinance will pressurize industry owners and retailers to provide pharmacists with all basic requirements to perform GMP and this will ad grace and value to our profession. It will make them realize true meaning of “How important Really, a Pharmacist is”. May Allah help us to realize Truth and May our profession gain its true worth in Pakistan.

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Mushtaq Chaudhary, Reformer Pharmacists has disowned the IPF

Dear All Pharmacists, we the Reformers Pharmacists have been working for years for the upbringing of pharmacy profession and to improve the lives of our pharmacist family. I am thankful to all those hundreds and thousands of Nobel and sincere pharmacists who have joined us in this struggle and has contributed a lot during all these years. At the same time I am sorry about handful of those who joined us for their own selfish reasons and who has tried to use Reformers to get popularity only. These people include Muhammad Sarfraz at the top of the list. We have disowned him, long time ago due to his skeptic activities like asking money (investment) from the pharmacist colleagues and as a return offered them high benefits. He was also involved in some other un-ethical and un-lawful activities also that can not be described on this public forum. Now he is again trying to misguide the young pharmacists by making different Face Book pages. So I am compelled to formally announce that Muhammad Sarfraz has no relation to Reformers in any capacity. We have disowned him for a long time and today I formally expel him from Reformers.

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Pharmaceutical care

Pharmaceutical care

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