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Awarding the Ph.D degrees by Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Vice Chancellor, University of Baluchistan, has been challenged by Dr. Muhammad Aleem Akhter

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Pharmaceutical Review ( Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Vice Chancellor, University of Baluchistan, Quetta, Pakistan has awarded the Ph.D degrees to Mr. Ayaz Ali Khan Ex Drug Controller Pb., and Mr. Ammanullah Khan Director, Drug Testing Laboratory, Baluchistan. Both of these scholars are close friends of worthy vice chancellor. They belong to same “Professional Group” of Pakistan Pharmacist Association. Hence, they work, support and coverage each other in pharmacy profession.

The pharmacy community was shocked when a congratulating text message was aired after successful completion of Ph.D of these candidates. But, on other hand, one of the faculty member Dr. Muhammad Aleem Akhter, working as lecturer in department of pharmacy practice, University of Baluchistan has challenged the official procedure, scientific credibility and representative protocol of this act. Thus, the awarding of Ph.D degrees became amazing and unbelievable story. It looks like an ancient superstitious tale. Because Dr. Muhammad Aleem Akhter is at bottom level (working as lecturer) and Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal is big boss (vice chancellor) of the university. He is subordinate of his subordinates. Fairly speaking, he is really not even in competition with Prof. Dr. Javed. But, he did, what mostly people don’t even think to do.

However, we appreciate the courage, bravery and fearlessness of Dr. Muhammad Aleem to stand before the corruption, dishonesty, monopoly and nepotism. The case that he files in university of Baluchistan is as under;



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One thought on “Awarding the Ph.D degrees by Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Vice Chancellor, University of Baluchistan, has been challenged by Dr. Muhammad Aleem Akhter

  1. Well, Mr. Amanullah and Mr. Ayaz were enrolled in Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University in 2010-11; when Dr. Javeid and Dr. Naseem were Dean and VC there respectively.

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