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Pharmacist Alliance demanded the replacement of Mr. Ayaz Ali Khan Chief Drug Controller Health Department, Government of the Punjab because of the misuse of authority

Pharmaceutical Review (Staff Reporter); Pharmacist Alliance; Pakistan Pharmacist Association has demanded the replacement of Mr. Ayaz Ali Khan Chief Drug Controller Health Department, Government of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan because of misuse of authority. They have protested against his biased, unethical and non-professional role. He is continuously misusing his current position to damage the pharmacy profession. He is driving the whole team of District Drug Controllers, Secretary DQCB’s, Drug Controllers and other government officials of health department government of Punjab to control the noble profession of Pharmacy. This practice has been condemned by other pharmacy groups and disciplines. They don’t want Mr. Ayaz Ali khan to hijack or kidnap the pharmacy profession anymore. Hence; this practice of dishonesty, selfishness and fraudulence should be stopped to improve the pharmacy profession. Evidence of influencing, driving and controlling the profession is as under; 

1. Collection, management and spending the funds of Pakistan Pharmacist Association even after expiry of legitimated tenure of two years defined in article of association defined in Article of Association.

2. Collection of funds and resources while misusing his current official position and representation.

3. Persuasion and temptation of pharmaceutical institutions and personals to do whatever he like them to do. He is illegally representing PPA in the Pharmacy Council even after expiry of legitimated tenure of two years defined in article of association.

4. Representing on behalf of PPA in different government institution and official organization (i.e. Pharmacy Council, Licensing Board, Appellate Board, Drug Regulatory Authority etc) even after expiry of legitimated tenure of two years defined in article of association defined in Article of Association.

5. Designing and scheduling an illegal activity (unprincipled 18th International Pharmacy Conference and Exhibition being organized in Lahore from 30th October to 2nd November, 2013 even after expiry the session 2009-11.) on behalf of Pakistan Pharmacist Association even after expiry of legitimated tenure of two years defined in article of association defined in Article of Association

6. Communication on behalf of Pharmacy Council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan which is not his legitimated privilege. Pharmacy Council and Higher Education Commission are established institution with high profiled experts. They don’t need any agent to speak on their behalf. The decision of withdrawing the one year residency after Pharm-D is the privilege of Higher Education Commission and Pharmacy Council. It should not be handled by incompetent, irrelevant and illegally occupants of Pakistan Pharmacist Association.

Hence; the pharmacists of all over the world are requested to help us to bring a change, support the revolution and castigate the culprits. 


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Canadian (Edmonton) police plan to offer hijab option for female Muslim officers

(CP Photo)

Brace yourself for a spirited and, at times, probably uncivil debate as Edmonton police prepare to introduce a hijab option for its uniform in a bid to recruit Muslim women.

The National Post reports the Edmonton Police Service plans to include the hijab as optional headgear as early as next year.

“Several prototypes have been created and are now being tested to ensure officer safety and other considerations,” the department said in an news release.

“It is important that anyone who has a calling to serve and protect Edmontonians, and who passes rigorous police training standards feel welcome and included in the EPS.”

While much of Alberta is typically thought of as having very conservative values, it should be noted that Edmonton historically is not as conservative as the rest of the province, regularly electing Liberals and New Democrats to Parliament, as well as the provincial legislature.

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And for the record, it’s not the first Canadian police service to introduce the headscarf worn by many devout Muslim women. The Toronto Police Service opened the door to hijab-wearing officers in 2011 and has actively worked at recruiting female Muslims to the force, QMI Agency reported at the time.

To be fair, the force didn’t exactly trumpet that change. A subsequent news release on the swearing in of new auxiliary police officers buried the fact recruit Mona Tabesh was “the first woman to wear a hijab in a Toronto Police Service uniform.”

Toronto’s initiative drew a predictable reaction from traditionalists. Toronto Sun guest columnist David Menzies saw it as political correctness, an unreasonable extension of reasonable accommodation to the city’s multicultural reality.

“Indeed, just how far do we take reasonable accommodation in the police department?” Menzies wrote.

“Do Muslim police officers reserve the right not to work with the Canine Unit, given that many Muslims consider dogs ‘unclean?’ Will ham sandwiches be banned from police stations due to dietary restrictions?”

Edmonton Councillor Scott McKeen called his city’s initiative a “gesture of inclusion” toward the local Muslim community that sometimes feels “skittish” at times because of Islamophobia.

“One of the perceptions about Edmonton and Alberta is that we’re kind of redneck,” McKeen told thePost.

Offering the hijab as an option for police recruits, especially in the absence of any political pressure, “is sort of saying we want to have a diverse police service that reflects the diversity and multicultural aspects of Edmonton…. I’m proud of us.”

McKeen observed the decision is in striking contrast to Quebec’s move, via its proposed values charter, to bar the hijab and other overt religious symbols from being worn by public servants.

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The move is a “natural evolution” for policing in Canada, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims Ihsaan Gardee told the Post, comparing it to the introduction of the Sikh turbanto the RCMP uniform in 1990.

That change triggered heated debate at the time and still rankles in some quarters, but most people now take it for granted.

Muslim policewomen in London, England’s Metropolitan Police Force have been allowed to wear a hijab since 2001.

“We know of many Muslim women who had thought of joining the Met, only to be put off when they were told they could not wear the hijab,” Mahammad Mahroof, of the Association of Muslim Police told the Guardian at the time. “Hopefully, having this option will encourage more to become police officers.”

Other British police forces have since implemented the change.

“The move is seen as a further sign of official acceptance of Britain as a religiously diverse society where faith-related accommodations should be made for all individuals,” says a Facebook page on the topic.

In Canada, Canada Border Services Agency and the armed forces permit the hijab as part of the uniform.

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ہم اینٹی بایوٹک یا بیکٹیریا کو ختم کرنے والے دور کے بعد والے دور میں قدم رکھ چکے ہیں،ماہری

ہم اینٹی بایوٹک یا بیکٹیریا کو ختم کرنے والے دور کے بعد والے دور میں قدم رکھ چکے ہیں،ماہرین۔ فوٹو: فائل

لندن: طبی ماہرین کے ایک عالمی کمیشن نے آگاہ کیا ہے کہ جدید طب یا میڈیسن کو سب سے زیادہ ایسے بیکٹیریا یا جراثیم سے خطرہ لاحق ہے جو دوائوں کے خلاف مدافعت پیدا کرتے جا رہے ہیں۔

یہ تحقیق طبی جریدے دا لانسٹ میں شائع ہوئی ہے جریدے میں شائع رپورٹ میں ماہرین نے نئی نسل کے بیکٹیریا کے خطرے سے نمٹنے کے لیے پہلے سے کہیں زیادہ عالمی تعاون پر زور دیا ہے۔ماہرین کا کہنا ہے کہ ہم اینٹی بایوٹک یا بیکٹیریا کو ختم کرنے والے دور کے بعد والے دور میں قدم رکھ چکے ہیںان کا کہنا ہے کہ مستقبل قریب کے چند برسوں میں اگر بیکٹیریا کے خطرناک اثرات سے بچنا ہے تو فوری طور پر عالمی سطح پر سرگرم ہونے کی ضرورت ہے۔اس کے تحت موجودہ اینٹی بایوٹک ادویہ کے استعمال میں کمی اور دوا بنانے والی کمپنیوں کو بیکٹیریا مخالف دوسری قسم کی نئی دوائیں بنانے کے لیے مراعات کی ضرورت پر زور دیا گیا ہے۔

Message of Reformer Pharmacist regarding PPA Election 2013;

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Dear Pharmacists!

Current Culprit regimen of PPA is all set to rig upcoming elections of PPA. The only power which is a hurdle in their intentions is Reformers. I would like to congratulate all pharmacist community on First Political Victory of Reformers. After our several meetings and debates with regional PPA heads, we succeeded to extend PPA registration date to 15th December. The culprit group which is presiding PPA since last two decades is well aware of this revolution and that is why they created much hurdles in getting new pharmacists registered. But the time has come now for change and revolution. If Reformers can fight with and win over these culprit people, Insha’Allah We shall fight for Pharmacists once we win these elections and then achieve what we aimed, “A bright future of Pharmacists with well-established domains and best salary structure in Pakistan”.

May Allah help us.

Reformer Pharmacist

Pakistan Pharmacist Association