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18th International Pharmacy Conference and Exhibition is postponed; new dates are 30 October to 02 November 2013.

Dear Pharmacists,

Flash floods in south Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa caused by monsoon downpours have swept away homes, agricultural-land leading to economic downturn as well as loss of precious lives. Pakistan Pharmacists Association expresses and shares sorrow & grief with all flood victims. Keeping in view of this and the moments of stress over all the health profession including Pharmacists, the 18th International Pharmacy Conference and Exhibition which was supposed to be held on 26-29 September 2013 is postponed. The new dates are 30 October to 02 November 2013. The inconvenience caused is regretted. Last Date for registration and submission of abstracts for scientific papers/presentations has also been extended till 30th September 2013. Further details could be found at PPA website

Thank you and Regards,

Ayaz Ali Khan, Chairman Organizing Committee Contact Number 0300-8403646

Sulman Tauqir, Secretary Organizing Committee, Contact Number 0300-4239411


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Pakistan Pharmacist Federation support the resolutions/ bills presented in Senate Meeting (Govt. of Pakistan), dated 26th August, 2013; substandard medication, enforcement of drug regulation, establishment of quality health structure and pharmacy council

Pharmaceutical Review (Umer Mujahid). Pakistan Pharmacist Federation ( has appreciated the resolution presented by Senator Talha Mehmood Jamiat Ulama-e- Islam (JUI) in Senate meeting dated 26th August, 2013. The president of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation Dr. Taha Nazir Ph.D stated that detail of this bill cover the major problems of substandard medication, enforcement of drug regulation and establishment of quality health structure. Thus; we can provide all the professional and strategic support to assure the safety of life.
Moreover; they also stated that the Bill of Pharmacy Council, presented same day should also be discussed and finalized to improve the pharmacy profession in Pakistan. Bill for the extension of infrastructure of PIMS and Federal Poly Clinic Hospital presented by Senator Mr. Tahir Meshhadi MQM should also cover the pharmaceutical services to assure the rational medication. Thus; Dr. Taha Nazir said the statement of Federal Minister Mr. Berjeed Tahir regarding the establishment and extension of heath facilities is not sufficient. The existing government should pay attention to provide the quality pharmaceutical facilities as recommended by WHO and other international health organization.

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Eid Millan Party organized by Pakistan Pharmacist Federation Punjab; current situation of pharmacy profession has been envisaged

Pharmaceutical Review (Umer Mujahid). An “Eid Millan Party” dated 25th August, 2013has held at 711 J/2 Johar Town, Lahore; organized by Pakistan Pharmacist Federation Punjab, Pakistan. The pharmacists of all discipline of pharmacy profession have participated. They have discussed the miscellaneous professional issues/ problems/ concerns. Thus; existing situation of pharmacy profession has been envisaged to uplift the professional prestige.
Moreover; the senior pharmacists Prof. Dr. Taha Nazir B.Pharm., M.Phil., Ph.D., President Pakistan Pharmacist Federation; Mr. Fiaz Ahmad Faizi B.Pharm., M.Phil., vice president Pakistan Pharmacist Association; Dr. Tahir Aziz Mughal B.Pharm., M.Phil., Ph.D., Chief Pharmacist SKCH; Hafiz Umer Nisar President Pakistan Pharmacist Federation Pb.; Mr.Rizwan vice president Pakistan Academy of Pharmacy; Mr. Ghulam Gilani B.Pharm., M.Phil., Mr. Shahzad Aslam B.Pharm., M.Phil.; and Mr. Muhammad Ali Pharm D has addressed and share their feelings. The participants were also offered a high tea at the end of this Eid Millan Party. The pictorial review is as under;

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Professional collaboration of Pharmacist Alliance and Pakistan Academy of Pharmacist (PAP)

Pharmaceutical Review (Mr. Abdul Malik) A meeting has held among Dr. Taha Nazir Ph.D and Mr. Hasan President Pakistan Academy of Pharmacist. They have discussed the current issues of pharmacy profession; particularly the 18th International Pharmacy Conference dated 26-29 September 2013 Lahore Pakistan. They are agreed that the mandate of current executive of Pakistan Pharmacist Association has been expired. Hence; they don’t have privilege to organize conference on behalf of the Pakistan Pharmacist Association. The whole pharmacist community should emphasis the professional group to declare the election schedule early as possible.

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Professional meeting; Dr. Taha Nazir Ph.D president Pakistan Pharmacist Federation and Mr. Jumshaid Ahmad B.Pharm., M.B.A. president Pakistan Pharmacist Federation Sind

Pharmaceutical  Review (M. Waseem Khan). A meeting held among Dr. Taha Nazir Ph.D president Pakistan Pharmacist Federation ( and Mr. Jumshaid Ahmad B.Pharm., M.B.A. president Pakistan Federation Sind at Ques Hotel, Sargodha Pakistan. They have discussed the current professional scenario, challenges and discrepancies especial for Sind. They also have designed the strategy to settle the problems and improve the professional credibility of pharmacists working in different segments of pharmacy discipline i.e. production, retail/ community, hospitals, and govt. sector.

They also have agreed at certain points to achieve the already designed goals of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation ( Hence; Karachi is the hub of pharmaceuticals. It need special attention for the establishment of pharmacy services as described by WHO and defined by international pharmaceutical organizations.

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An Official Statement of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation for the slaughter and bloodshed of human lives in Egypt and Offer of Free Medication Supply

Assalam Alaikum

The Pakistan Pharmacist Federation condemns insane slaughter and bloodshed of human lives of those who had gathered as peaceful protesters. We urge the Pakistan and international authorities to immediately stop the military aid being supplied to Egypt. The immediate job of Egyptian military is to protect the lives of Egyptians and restore democracy and bring back Dr. Morsi to lead the democratically and legally elected government.

Thus; Violence and killing of hundreds of Egyptians by the military backed interim government is not the path to political reconciliation, rather it has derailed the whole process by killing the innocents and burning the mosque.

Pakistan Pharmacist Federation president Dr. Taha Nazir said “We condemn all violence on Egyptian soil. These politics of dividing the Egyptian society will lead the country down a dangerous road of spiraling violence and suppression of basic human rights. We offer the free medication supply to our innocent injured Muslims brothers and sisters in Egypt.”