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Condolence with Prof. Dr. Mian Naeem Anwar Muzafar (life Patron Pakistan Pharmacist Association) for the sad demise of his wife

Pharmaceutical Review (Haji Ayub Khan). The executive body of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation Dr. Taha Nazir Ph.D., Haji M. Ayub Khan, Hafiz Umer Nisar and Hafiz Mazhar Asjad has visited and condoled with Prof. Dr. Mian Naeem Anwar Muzafar life Patron of Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA) for the sad demise of his wife.

A delegate of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation met to Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, at Mansora, Lahore

Pharmaceutical Review (Haji Ayub Khan). A delegate of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation (PPF) Dr. Taha Nazir President, Haji M. Ayub Khan Genral Secretary, Hafiz Umer Nisar President Pb. has visited to Mr. Waqas Anjum Jafri Naib Ameer (Vice President) Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan at Mansoora, Lahore, Pakistan. Moreover; they have discussed miscellaneous professional, religious and scientific issues to uplift the life saving profession of pharmacy in Pakistan and particularly in KPK province. They also shared the information to establish an understanding to work successfully in public health, quality medication, health standards and establishment of clinical/ pharmaceutical care in Pakistan.

They also met with Abdul Ghaffar Incharge foreign affairs to share information about the world regarding health, life, medication and pharmaceutical affairs.

A message from the President PPF ; World Hepatitis Day


Pharmaceutical Review ( other parts of the world, the World Hepatitis Day will be observed across the country to increase awareness about viral hepatitis. As a Pharmacist how could we guide our people and what are the precautionary measures we can take to prevent this viral Hepatitis.
According to reports, Pakistan is facing an epidemic of Hepatitis. National prevalence of Hepatitis B is 2.4 percent and Hepatitis C is 4.9 percent. Currently, there are an estimated 16 million persons infected by this disease. Main reasons for the spread of this disease are frequent use of therapeutic injections, reuse of syringes, inappropriate sterilisation practices and hospital waste management system. Pakistan Medical and Research Council conducted a national population survey to find actual prevalence of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Pakistan in 2007.
In survey about 47,043 persons screened, of whom the Hepatitis B prevalence came as 2.4% and Hepatitis C at 4.9%, making an aggregate of 7.4%. This comes to an estimated number of exposures to the population of 12 million.
If we look at provincial situations then Hepatitis B prevalence comes to 2.5%, 2.4%, 1.3% and 4.3% in Sindh, Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan respectively. While figures for Hepatitis C were 5%, 6.7%, 1.1% and 1.5% in Sindh, Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan respectively. The prevalence varied greatly in between the districts of each province with some districts showing high Hepatitis B figures while others showed high Hepatitis C figures.
Frequent use of injections (30% population taking more than 10 injections per person per year) and reuse of syringes, showed strong association of Hepatitis C infections. Using scientific tools, WHO identified a total of 30 districts showing very high prevalence for Hepatitis B and C diseases. These are the districts where WHO in collaboration with the Provincial Hepatitis Control Programmes will work to stop the spread of this infection.
High number of injections has been found to be the commonest source of spreading the disease apart from reuse of syringes where it was clear that with the reuse of syringe the frequency of Hepatitis C almost doubled. Improper sterilisation and unsafe blood transfusion also stood out as the common sources of disease spread.
To control the spread of hepatitis, the government launched the national strategy for hepatitis control in the country in 2005. WHO is working in areas such as strengthening of Hepatitis B vaccination in children under EPI program, safe and clean water for everyone, ensuring safe blood transfusion system, trainings of health care providers, sterilisation practices and injection safety and starting an awareness raising program for the population on spread and prevention of Hepatitis B and C in high prevalence districts of Pakistan.
More than 1 million people die from causes related to viral hepatitis, most commonly cirrhosis and liver cancer. Millions of people are living with the virus and millions of others are subjected to be infected. “Although it is one of the most serious health issues faced by human race but unfortunately the awareness level is not upto the mark especially the scenario gets worst in developing countries like Pakistan,” said a health expert.


President: Dr.Taha Nazir, B.Pharm., M.Phil., Ph.D, President, Pakistan Pharmacist Federation; C.: 0321 222 0885; E.:

President Punjab: Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Umar Nisar (Pharm-D, R.Ph); 329-G4 Wapda Town, Lahore, Pakistan.C.: +92 300 478 0439

President Lahore: Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Kashif (Pharm-D.) Health Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan C.: 0300 742 0715 E.:

Media Advisor: Muhammad Shahzad Aslam, Pharm.D, M.Phil.,Media Advisor, Pakistan Pharmacist Federation, C.: 0342 4181284; E.:

An “Iftar Party” has held in PIMA House, Lahore; the executives of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation has envisaged the miscellaneous issues of pharmacy profession.

Pharmaceutical Review (Hafiz M. Kashif President Lahore). An Iftar Party has held in PIMA House, near PunjabSchool, JoharTown, Lahore on 27th July, 2013 Saturday. The Executives of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation (PPF) Lahore division Hafiz M. Kashif Malik, M. Umer Mujahid and Mr. Shahzad Aslam has enthusiastically hosted this function. The programs was started with the Durs-e-Quran by Hafiz Umer Nisar  president PPF Pb., followed by mutual introduction and address of Prof. Dr. Taha Nazir president PPF Pakistan.

After Iftar Dinner, a meeting called by Pharmacist Alliance has also been held. The pharmacists of all segments of pharmacy profession (academic, industry, govt. and marketing) have participated. They have envisaged the miscellaneous issue of profession and established a proud history of working together to create an association for the betterment. The pictorial review is as under;