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Pharmacy Council of Pakistan has ridiculously imposed registration fee Rs.1000/- per student; registration is the prerogative privilege of provincial pharmacy councils; thus it is improper way of collecting money from innocent students, destitute parents or already (financially) deprived nation.

Pharmaceutical Review ( Pharmacy council of Pakistan has issued a notification regarding regulation for inspection and recognition of pharmacy institution. Mr. Naziruddin Ahsen Secretary Pakistan Pharmacy Council has described the procedure for enrollment of the students with Pharmacy Council of Pakistan in notification No. 1-10/2008-PCP dated January 10, 2010. A comprehensive inspection fee of Rs. 300,000/- has been decided to cover all the visits undertaken by the council team till the decision regarding recognition/ approval of an institution or otherwise; while a fee of Rs. 1000/- for the enrollment of students with the council. Mr. Nazirrudin has claimed this fee to cover registration to issued an enrolment card, which will make the basis of their registration by the provincial pharmacy councils from 2010 onward.

Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Taimur Chamber, 10-D West Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan Tel.: +9204191, Fax: +9218995 is established under the pharmacy act 1967. This is a professional body responsible for the promotion of pharmacy discipline in Pakistan. The main responsibilities of Pharmacy Council of Pakistan are to recognition of pharmacy teaching institution any person desirous of running or establishing any university, college or institution for imparting education in pharmacy shall not do so unless it is recognized by the Council; approval of examinations – any institution or authority, which holds an examination in pharmacy, shall apply to the Council for approval of the examination for the purpose of qualifying a person for registration as a pharmacist and pharmacy technicians under this Act;  and approval of courses of study – any institution or authority which conducts a course of study in pharmacy shall apply to the Council for approval of such courses of study for the purpose of admission to an approved examination.

The financial sources of Pharmacy council of Pakistan are the moneys as be placed at its disposal by the Federal Government and the funds of the council consist of the fee received by it under this Act. An inspection fee of Rs. 300,000/- is charged to cover all visits undertaken by the council team till the decision regarding recognition/ approval of an institution or otherwise.

But; unluckily, Pharmacy Council of Pakistan has violated the pharmacy act by collecting money through other than define sources. For this purpose; a gazette notification (Inspection and Recognition) Regulation, 2009 has been issued by Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. They have extended their role by introducing a new procedure of enrollments of pharmacy students fee of Rs. 1000/- per student. Thus; the students so enrolled are supposed to be issued enrollment cards to provide the basis of registration by the provincial pharmacy council from 2010 onward. Pharmacy Council of Pakistan has issued letters to all public and private pharmacy institutions  to provide informations along with aforesaid  fee in the form of bank draft in favor of Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan.

PCP Notification


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