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“Get Togather” of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation (PPF) held in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 26th January, 2012 (Thursday)

A “Get to Gather” of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation (PPF) held in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 26th January, 2012 (Thursday) at 6:00pm. The function was chaired by Prof. Dr. Taha Nazir Ph.D, General Secretary Pakistan Pharmacist Federation and pharmacist of all disciplines; manufacturing, academic, marketing and community pharmacy has participated enthusiastically. The program was started with recitation from holy Quraan by Hafiz Suhaib; Iradat Hussain, Vice President PPF (Hospitals) Punjab delivered welcome address; Syed Muzzamil Masood Zaidi Ex-President PPF- Islamabad speak about the current challenges in profession; Umer Rafiq Awan Vice President PPF Islamabad explained the possible solutions of current professional issues; M. Bilal Sorani told the basic scope and objectives pharmacy profession; while Prof. Dr. Taha Nazir has elucidate the future plan for 2012 and current national pharmaceutical situation in Pakistan.

Moreover; three resolutions were presented and passed unanimously as under;

1        Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan condoles to the relatives of deceased cardiac patient passed away in Punjab Institute of cardiology, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. They stated that the causalities are most probably happened because of wrong medication prescribed by physicians/ cardiologists. No doubt; we can’t ignore the probability of not following the standard quality tests for drugs. But even though; the physicians are responsible for not taking the proper medical, social and personal history of patients. They are supposed to take complete hematological, pathological and serological report before prescribing the medication. Moreover; the prescriptions are not be reviewed/ evaluated by qualified pharmacist for any possible therapeutical problem, drug interaction and clinical error before delivering to the patients. Thus; most probably the prescriptions were not rational. In addition of that; physician don’t want pharmacists do their clinical job. They have overwhelmingly involved them in clerical and administrative assignments. Hence; they have intentionally blocked pharmacists to perform their clinical role in hospital setting.

2        Four year pharmacy graduation (BS Pharmacy or B. Pharmacy) is offered by major countries of world. Especially; in advance countries it is recommended in parallel of five year Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy). While; Pharm-D is offered after twelve year education or after completion of graduation in pharmacy. However; both of these programs exists and offered at the same time. Therefore; Pakistan Pharmacist Federation (PPF) has passed resolution to restore the 4-years pharmacy graduation program in Pakistan. PPF has proposed to the Higher Education Commission and Pharmacy Council of Pakistan to reinstate the 4-yours Pharmacy graduation as early as possible to give choice to student intended to join this life saving profession in Pakistan.

3        Ministry of Health, Government of the Punjab has issued a notification, printed in the Punjab weekly gazette dated February 10, 2010, page No. 951, in exercise of power conferred upon him under Section 44 of the Drug Act. 1976 (XXXI of 1976) which empower government to make rules under Act. The governor of the Punjab has made amendments in the Punjab Drug Rules, 2007 after previous publication of these amendments. In rule 1, sub rule (3) for word “three” the word “ten” is substituted. Thus; the Punjab Drug Rule 2007 was suspended for ten more years. Thus; Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan has passed resolution in a program held in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi dated 26th January, 2012 (Thursday) at 6:00 pm to suspend this notification and implement the Punjab Drug Rule 2007 early as possible. This will help to improve the overall quality of health care system; provide better pharmaco-therapeutical services and offer standard pharmaceutical care to save the precious live of innocent patients.

The “Get Together” was ended with praying to God; followed by formal refreshment.


Pakistan Pharmacist Federation (PPF) have protested against confusing and detracting the investigation of deceased patients of Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore by the responsible physicians

Pharmaceutical Review ( The executives of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation (PPF) have protested against confusing and detracting the investigation of deceased patients of Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore by the responsible physicians. They stated that; the patients are most probably died because of the wrong medications prescribed by the physicians and delivered to patients without proper reviewing by pharmacist. Moreover; it does not make sense to seize the patient clinical informations; not releasing the post mortem reports of deceased patients and denying the authenticated forensic reports of accredited laboratories. Thus; executive of Pakistan Pharmacist Federation; ; President Dr. Abdul Haleem Khan B.Pharm., M.Pharm., Ph.D., (Lahore) Cell:  +92 321 411 2410 ; Email:; General Secretary Dr. Taha Nazir B.Pharm., M.Phil, Ph.D., (Islamabad), Cell: +92 321 222 0885, Email Address:, Vice President Hospitals; Malik Irshad Hussain, (Lahore) Cell: 03009423099, Email; Vice President Academics Prof. Dr. Saeed Ahmad B.Pharm., M.Phil., Ph.D, (Pashawar), Cell: 03232175686; Vice president Syed Sultan Agha, (Quetta), Cell: 03337822699; Vice President Industries: Hafiz Arshad Mehmood(Islamabad) Cell:  +92 300 854 7959; Email:; Joint Secretary; Iradat Hussain (Islamabad), Cell: 03214706508; Email:; Media Advisor Dr. Ahmed Salman   (Islamabad), Cell: 03455910035, Email : has emphasized the national authorities including respected Yousaf Raza Gilani Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian M. Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister Punjab and Health Minister to include the names of physician in First Investigation Report (FIR) who write the prescriptions and take the responsibility of recommended medications. They should be included in main culprits of this sad incidence.