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Delaying the Election of Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA) Islamabad Chapter; Dr. Fawad Ali Bangash

Pharmaceutical Review ( Dr. Fawad Ali Bangash (Cell: +92 333 962 7887, Email: has reported that Mr. Khalid Saeed Bukhari President Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA) has no any information about the election of PPA Islamabad Chapter. He is the president of PPA Pakistan and hold the senior most position of this noble profession and unaware about this critical issue. Dr. Fawad Ali Bangash said that the election of PPA Islamabad is due from this month according to the article of PPA. But; unluckily, the professional group (the existing ruling group all over the Pakistan except of Baluchistan) is intentionally delaying to declare the election schedule as usual. They have occupied the PPA since last twenty five (25) years and did not organize the election within defined time frame to enjoy the privilege of leadership for so long period of time. Thus; they don’t care about the professional issues and achievement but has focused on their own job promotions, business establishment, foreign tours etc.


Natural Methods to Prevent and Treat Kidney Stones Pharmaceutical Review

 ( The excruciating pain of passing a kidney stone usually makes sufferers go to the hospital. In most cases, physicians aren’t able to do much except send the patient home with a prescription for painkillers. In instances where a stone is particularly large, doctors use shock waves to break the stone into pieces small enough to pass through the urethra. Either way, the patient incurs the usual outsize bill that goes with any emergency room visit. Rather than experience first-hand why the saying “harder than passing a kidney stone” has become a common way to describe an agonizing experience, you may want to take adjust your diet to avoid the formation of these mineral deposits comprised of calcium, uric acid or the amino acid cysteine. Highly acidic diets tend to create an environment which encourages kidney stones, while more alkaline diets help prevent these kind of deposits. Soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, products containing corn syrup and most forms of animal protein have an acidic effect on the body. Some fruits and vegetables have a more alkaline effect, while others are more acidic. Some otherwise healthful foods such as rhubarb, spinach, beet greens, sorrel, green tea and chocolate can contribute to kidney stone formation because they contain oxalic acid. You can learn more about alkaline/acidic balance on NaturalNews (…). This link (…) also provides useful information about where specific foods fall on the acidity-alkalinity scale. Drinking plenty of pure water also helps discourage the formation of mineral deposits in the kidneys. Holding the bladder rather than urinating when nature calls can also contribute to stone formation. Unless there is a history of kidney infection, people who maintain diets which emphasize fruits and vegetables over animal protein generally have a lower risk of kidney stones. Symptoms of kidney stones may include nausea and vomiting, as well as pain in the lower back and/or abdomen and blood in the urine. There are natural home remedies which can help dissolve kidney stones, as well as natural aids to help ease stones out of the body more quickly and reduce the pain associated with kidney stones. Western herbal remedies to prevent kidney stones include meadowsweet, sarsaparilla, joe-pye weed and plantain which help cleanse excess uric acid from the kidneys. Goldenrod is so effective in helping dissolve kidney stones that in Germany, where herbal medicine has received more official acceptance than in the U.S., it is part of the recommended course of treatment. Multiple scientific studies have verified the folk medicine wisdom which has long prescribed goldenrod for a variety of kidney, bladder and urinary tract disorders. Herbs such as St. John’s wort, agrimony, horsetail, nettles, yarrow and shepherd’s purse can offer some relief for the kidney stone pain and bleeding. Next time you treat yourself to some fresh corn on the cob, don’t discard the silky part of the cornhusk known as cornsilk. Instead, boil the cornsilk in pure water along with some marshmallow herb to make a potent stone-dissolving tea. Cornsilk is an excellent example of how the move away from fresh, whole foods deprives people of natural healing. If you buy frozen corn, or the pre-husked and cut corn on the cob, you miss out on this substance which also aids against urinary tract stones, urinary tract infections, hypertension and prostate disorders. The name of Amazon herb chanca piedra actually translates as “stone breaker.” Concoctions of this plant have long been used in South America to break down stones of the kidneys and gallbladder. It is also effective against a host of ailments from diabetes to jaundice. Sources:

Having a Problem Getting Pregnant? A Remarkable Discovery that will Improve your Chances


Infertility treatment has risen by 25% over the past five years in the US alone. More and more women are turning to desperate and expensive methods of treatment in order to get pregnant not knowing there is a free and simple alternative available elsewhere.

The food that we eat, the water we drink and the lifestyles we choose to live, have mostly caused this horrific increase in infertility. Given all of these factors there is still one step you can take to increase your chances of conceiving without having to make any changes to your lifestyle.

I want you to ask yourself the following question so that when you read the solution below it will seem blindingly obvious. Are there any conception methods or techniques we can learn from other species or civilisations?

All living organisms emanate from the same primordial soup millions of years ago and they have all learnt to adapt to their environment. Fertilising eggs is of course the major method of advancing a species so the process of getting it right would have been achieved to perfection already many millions of years ago. Fish are one of the oldest species and have a technique of fertilising eggs that is a pointer to how humans should best fertilise theirs.

Do you think any ancient civilisations would have noticed that the success rate of fertilisation with fish, animals and humans had a pattern to it? Of course they did. The Greek, Egyptian, Chinese and Roman civilisations were incredibly advanced mathematically and scientifically. In fact in ancient Greece they had more medical specialists than we have today in areas such as diabetes, cardiology and brain tumours.

In a civilisation that for example had a population of many hundreds of thousands of people and lasted thousands of years, the statistics available to analyse the results would be extensive. That is why for example, the Romans named a goddess of fertility based upon this statistical analysis. They could tell that there was a very significant statistical relationship to getting pregnant.

One of the most famous Roman writers, Pliny the Elder (AD 43), stated very matter-of-factly, in his huge book describing the every day life of Romans, that it was common knowledge conception was directly related to one factor – the moon. It was so obvious to them that the goddess of fertility was also the goddess of the moon.

Do you think the reason the female fish lay their eggs on a full moon is purely a coincidence? Of course not. The fact that all ancient civilisations practised conception on full moon days, and fish conceive on full moon days should lead you to ask yourself why no one has told you this basic information before.

It is flabbergasting that almost no one is aware of this incredibly simple idea that has been staring us all in the face for hundreds of years. What is even more truly remarkable is barely anyone has even done a study on this. How unbelievable is that! It was only by chance, whilst researching for my book Blinded By I stumbled across it whilst reading Pliny the Elders book and asking myself why had this knowledge been lost.

In my research I barely found any studies that investigated this idea. In the few that I did, they all showed a significant success rate. Successful studies have been done on horses in stud farms that overwhelmingly proved that the rate of conception increases massively over a full moon. The few studies on human embryos were on frozen ones that had been stored in a fertility bank, and even those showed increased success rates on a full moon.

Where has this knowledge gone? Why are couples not trying to conceive on a full moon when the women’s cycle is in sync with the moons?

I find it strange that scientists have ignored this important point. Why are they not doing more research regarding successful conception during a full moon? It is difficult to understand when studies have taken place in regard to animals with intriguing results.

My first piece of advice to any woman who has pregnancy issues is to think about trying to conceive around the full moon when the magnetic pull has an effect either on the success of the sperm in finding the egg or on the sperm actually penetrating the egg and fertilising it.

I must add a lot of other pieces of advice that I came across whilst researching my book on how you can improve your chances of a successful pregnancy using a common sense approach. In studies on ancient civilisations, I learnt that they had a very systematic approach to pregnancy. When couples intended to conceive, both the man and the woman were put on specific diets that increased their chances of a successful conception. Once the woman became pregnant, she was then put on a different diet that was aimed at maintaining both her health and the health of the foetus. Once the baby was born the mother was then put on a third diet that nourished her bodies needs and that of the child. ONLY 4 years later, after her body had fully recovered was she allowed to get pregnant again.

The purpose of these diets was to maintain a healthy lineage for the family or the village in which they were born. Healthy children were much more beneficial in helping to maintain the food supply than unhealthy children so it was in everyone’s best interest that they followed the rules.

So, having read these ideas, would you not as a man or a woman seriously consider putting your self on a specific diet in order to increase the chances of conceiving? This diet would obviously have to be organic so that you did not digest any artificial hormones that would affect your chances of getting pregnant. Plus only drinking natural spring water – not any produced by Pepsi or Coke as these really aren’t any better than tap water. Also de-stress your life – stress is a major issue in inhibiting conception. Then when you have cleansed your body and changed your lifestyle try attempting sex on or around the full moon and see what success you have.

Don’t forget that you have to maintain these diets during pregnancy as well. 1 in 3 pregnancies now end in miscarriages. Yes, you read that correctly, 1 in 3. So in order for you to keep the foetus alive, you must keep a strict organic diet throughout the pregnancy, to make sure that you do not become a statistic.

Infertility is not just a woman’s problem either. TECHNOLOGY CAN CAUSE MAJOR FERTILITY PROBLEMS IN MEN. There have been a few studies on the relationship between cell phone use and semen quality in recent years. One investigation measured the level of semen of three hundred and fifty men who were attending an infertility clinic and divided them up into four different groups depending upon their hourly usage of mobile telephones per day. The results showed that a greater use of mobiles diminished semen quality by decreasing the sperm count.

These findings suggest that a high number of men will have great problems in fathering a child due to the widespread use of mobile phones. In the UK alone, the sperm count has fallen by 29% over the last decade. Mobile phone usage is not the only suggested cause of a low sperm count – other reasons such as weight, stress, smoking and pollution have also been put forward as a cause of this condition. What worries me most, though, is that unless you happened to read a newspaper on the days following the release of these studies, (see the bibliography for free you would not be aware of this danger. Could there have been a more urgent call for action than this in any scientific paper? The clear implication is that unless we get rid of mobile phones, they will have a damaging affect on our biological make-up.

Our bodies are naturally pre-determined to produce children, so unless you are unlucky enough to have a physical problem, you WILL be able to solve any conception issues by following the ideas that I have mentioned above.

For those interested in keeping pregnancy and labour as natural as possible, Blinded by Science is a must-read. From information about technology and plants to alternative therapies and the food we eat, this book is very relevant in today’s world. Especially for those confused by modern medicine and science and keen to improve their wellbeing. It gives great awareness about our environment and the health benefits that can be gained from understanding it a little bit more. Go find out more about the book and the author.

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