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Pharmacist Licensing Guidelines to Get Registration in UAE; by Dr. Waqar Ahmad, Hospital Pharmacist, Alnoor Hospital, P.O. Box 46713, Abudhabi, UAE

Dr. Waqar Ahmad Kambo; UAE (Pharmaceutical Review).  Dr. Waqar Ahamd is associated with the Alnoor Hospital, P.O. Box 46713, Abudhabi, UAE. He has reported the guidelines regarded the registration and licensing in UAE. UAE consists of 7 states. Abudhabi and AL ain: To Practice as Pharmacist in this state, One must have HAAD(health authority Abudhabi) license( To Practice as Pharmacist in this state you must have Dubai health authority license or MOH(ministry of health) license is also valid ( emirates(Sharja, Ajman, Ras-ul-khaima, Um-ul-Queen, Fujeera), is under the supervision of  MOH (

Eligibility for Licensing Exam(HAAD/MOH/DHA): Graduation in Pharmacy

2year experience as Hospital/ community/ clinical pharmacist. Medical Representative, Pharmaceutical industry or drug store experience is not acceptable.

To get registration to work as intern, to complete 2 year experience, in order to become eligble for licensing exam, one must have any blood relative in UAE.

Documents Required to Submit:

Secondary/Pharmacy degree attested by concerned board/HEC, Foreign office, UAE embassy in pakistan.2year experience certificate after getting home country licence.

Submit application softcopy online at above mentioned website of concerned state as well as hardcopy by hand.

 Pattern for HAAD Exam:

(1)Comprehensive  Pharmacy written MCQs Exam(2)Oral viva voce (one should have command in Arabic regarding Medical profession)

Pattern for MOH Exam: Consists of 3 steps (1)Arabic MCQs Written exam(Passing candidates eligible for next step)(2)Comprehensive Pharmacy written exam (Passing candidates eligible for next step)(3) Oral viva voce.

 Pattern For DHA Exam:

Comprehensive Pharmacy written exam. For pattern you can consult this website

 Key Words:

HAAD, MOH, DOHMS, Graduation in Pharmacy, 2 year experience, Licensing exam pattern, Pharmacist intern

For further information the pharmacist of all over the world are incouraged to contact freealy to;

Dr. Waqar Ahmed. Pharm-D., BSc., RPh. HPI (HAAD)., Alnoor Hospital P.O. Box 46713, Abudhabi, UAE, Mob# +971 50 9025536. Email:


Avoidable Childhood Death: A Case of Mismanagement and Inappropriate Medication Use

Taha Nazir*, Syed Muzzamil Masood Zaidi, Ashfaq Ahmad and Tahir Aqeel

The University of Lahore – Islamabad Campus, 24 Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Fultext PDF File of Research Article

Accepted 25 March, 2011;


Rational drug usage, clinical regulations and pharmaceutical care are important features of health practice. Thus; we have aimed case report to elaborate the clinical pharmaceutical services. A 3 year old girl, was presented in a hospital with minor burn that happened by spilt hot water on her wrist. She was in severe pain. The emergency ward staff applied an ointment. The doctor instructed injection Dormicum two times with short gape and then 3rd injection of Pavulon (Pancuronium). Patient went silent and started losing consciousness and eventually passed away. In view of the above facts and circumstances the inquiry board and judiciary took action against the negligence, mishandling. While; going through the investigation the inquiry board did not bothered the channel through which this injection came without proper check that is therapeutical drug monitoring, prescription reviewing, biosafety and pharmaceutical evaluation. Furthermore, it is not a single death but representation of so many casualties because of the wrong medications. The medial practice needs some more legal, professional and principled restrictions to make sure the safe and correct therapy plans. The clinical legislation, drug rules and medical practice seriously need the attention of judiciary, society and leadership to assure the safety of precious live.

Key words: Wrong medication, medical malpractice, professional negligence, pharmaceutical services, Suomoto notice of chief justice of high court.

Corresponding Address: Dr. Taha Nazir; Associate Dean/ Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, The University of Lahore – Islamabad Campus, 24 Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan. Email: Tel: +92 51 282 9162-64, 282 9697-8. Fax: +92 51 282 9238. E-mail:, edu.

Updates Regarding Recently Advertized Pharmaceutical Positions

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